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Smile Reconstruction Dentistry - Milwaukee

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Case Studies in Smile Makeovers - Section 1

Welcome to our Visual Index - Directory. All of the material on this website is organized on visual representations of either Smiles (full face photos) or Procedures (close up photography) used by our doctors to address a particular need.

Self Conscious Male:
  • Life Long Tooth Space Deformity
  • Patient self-conscious
  • Large tooth gap (diastema)
  • Resize teeth

  • No more chicletts
  • Masculine Smile Design
  • Makeover Smile Line
  • Adhere to Rule of Golden Proportion
Treatment Choice: Restorative Replacements Outcome: Worn out restorations fabricated from outdated materials and methods were replaced with a primary focus on the overall smile shape the patient wanted. Teeth with natural size, colorations that felt natural were handcrafted. Click here to learn more about replacement treatments.

Tetracycline Treatment Failure:
  • First Veneer Treatment lasted only 2 years
  • Changed color from white to yellowish
  • Started to Chip at biting edges
  • Suspected technical mistakes in original treatment

  • Probable preparation error
  • Highly probable bonding error
  • Suspected wrong choice of bonding cements - cementation process
Treatment Choice: Tetracyline Veneers - The Right Way: Non severe tetracycline stained teeth can be effectively treated with veneer products if additional steps are taken to block or inhibit underlying dark colors to bleed through. Click here to read more about the technical issues with stain blocking.

Mountain Dew Soda Pop Addiction:
  • Painful to eat and chew
  • Self confidence and dignity gone
  • Dissolving teeth enamel
  • Lower teeth hitting roof of mouth (overbite)

  • Wanted to chew and eat normally
  • Custom cosmetic dentures
  • Easy Affordability
Tooth Replacement Options: Tooth replacements can be created fro practically any condition of loss. Total enamel and tooth destruction caused by soda pop acids can be replaced or recreated cosmetically to produce some astounding results. Click here to read our interesting story about this case.

Dead - Necrotic Tooth Replacement:
  • Darkened Tooth Roots
  • Composite Resin Cosmetic Bonding Failure
  • Tooth Enamel Replacement Methods
  • Crown versus Veneer Laminates

  • Porcelain Feldspathic Veneer Lamination
  • Permanent Treatment Success
  • Effective Stain Blocking
  • Gingiva Recontouring - Gum Tissue Shaping
Selecting the Best Cosmetic Technology: Composite resins are a popular and easily affordable technology for repairing or modifying many cosmetic characteristics of teeth. Dark tooth stains, regardless of origin will show or bleed through even the best of composites available and even veneers. Click here to learn how a patient elected the treatment of choice.

Crown Reconstruction:
  • Large Diastemas
  • Uneven Tooth Sizes and Spacing
  • Bite Occlusion Problems
  • Collapsed Vertical Dimension

  • Seeking Treatment with Permanent Results
  • Uneven Teeth - Jagged Biting Surfaces
  • Uneven Gum Line
  • Tooth Discolorations
Cumulative Effects of Piecemeal Dentistry: Getting dental work done here and there when it is needed is a common practice. Years and years of this type of treatment can cause unusual or unattractive cosmetic results. Technologies and materials change and wear at different rates.Click here read a patient's experience of discovering the impact of doing everything at one time.

Denture Replacement:
  • Embarrased About Teeth Appearance
  • Self Conscious - Unattractive Smile
  • Severe Wear and Tear
  • Ugly Permanent Denture Stain Damage

  • Uneven Bite and Occlusion
  • Uncomfortable Fit
  • Wanted Dentures without "Denture Look"
  • Natural Appearance with Whitening Effect
Old Dentures: Stains and Bite (Function): Every denture wearer knows that while they may be able to make do with the same dentures for a long long time, they can nonetheless become unattractive to look at and uncomfortable to wear and use. Cosmetic Dentures are now a reality. Click here to read what a patient wanted for a new smile despite being a denture wearer.

Porcelain Crown Replacement:
  • Uneven Wear and Tear
  • Changing Bite and Occlusion
  • Smiling required Effort
  • Lip Movements during Smiling changing

  • Adjacent Teeth beginning to Rotate
  • Loss of Vertical Dimension
  • Closed Bite is Shorter
  • Bite Collapse causing Older Age appearance
Porcelain Crown Functional Life: Porcelain crowns and onlays have wear and tear features similar to natural teeth. The differences in wear between natural and porcelain teeth can cause unusual problems for overall bite if not monitored closely. Delaying treatment can accelerate bite collapse that affects cosmetic appearance. Click here to see the cosmetic and functional effects of crowns needing replacement.

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